Review Deepest sender..

Lagi coba Deepest sender ..
Apa itu ya?

Deeper sender adalah salah satu software Weblog client. .detail:

Weblog Client

A Weblog Client is software you run on your local machine (desktop) that lets you post to your blog via XML-RPC. In some cases, the Weblog Client can even manage your weblog entries. You might think of Weblog Clients as the equivalent of email clients such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and Eudora Mail. Essentially, the Weblog Client allows you to write a post even if you are off-line; then, the next time you connect to the Internet, you can publish that post.


The advantages of using a weblog client include:

  1. The ability to write posts without having to go on-line
  2. The ability to save drafts
  3. A nicer interface
  4. Fancy formatting features
  5. Features like cross-posting to multiple blogs
  6. Faster uploading and addition of photos
  7. The ability to keep local backup

List of Client Software:

Berikut review ku..
1. tidak ada tag .. jadi hanya bisa masukin category
2. tidak ada pembagian halaman, jadi satu post harus di satu halaman.
3. Sewaktu coba edit post, tiba-tiba postnya hilang 😦 payah…
4. bisa ganti warna tulisan.. lucu..


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