Why “social networking web” become so famous?

Named Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, Multiply, linkedIn are examples of social networking website. I personally know this thing in 2003 when I was away from my home country. I find this website interesting because I found my old friends (like highschool or university friends) that has been gone with the wind. All the sudden, I figure out where there are now, what their are doing now and the most important is how they look like right now 🙂

Maybe the explaination made by commoncraft makes more sense for you. Have a look..

As the time goes by and the technology getting more sophisticated, these website have grows, offers a lot more than just make connection. Facebook offer applications that allow you to send virtual flowers, or have a virtual pet, or become a vampire slayer, and lots of games. These cute little things make people more often goes to the website.

Beside their important function i.e. making network, these websites also becomes one of the best tools for marketing. They have the segmented target that help marketers to invite people to see what they offer. 


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