Weaning time…

My son is 10.5 months old now. I’m started to think about giving up my breastfeeding. I look for clue in internet.. they called it “Weaning” (replacing bottle or breast feedings with solid foods and drinking from a cup)

The National Parenting Center tells to prevent weaning problems, these things should be considered :

• First, after six months of age, keep milk feedings to four times a day. Infants who nurse or bottle feed more than this are very reluctant to give it up. –> oh no. I always nurse my son everytime he wants..
• Second, hold your baby for any distress, rather than nursing him. Try to separate comforting from nursing. –> ups, I always do that, coz it’s working 100% and I try to win his heart from his baby sitter who is able do hold him better than me and spend more time with him during the day.
• Third, when your baby needs to suck but is not hungry, provide a pacifier or thumb, rather than feeding him –> Hua, I dont like pacifier, decide not to give one and make nursing as the alternative.
• Fourth, don’t let your baby go to sleep at the breast or bottle. Stop the feeding as soon as he becomes drowsy. –> Once again.. I do it everynight.. until now my son is 10 months old..
• Fifth, don’t let your infant hold the bottle or take it to bed. Your child should think of the bottle as something that belongs to you. –> fiuh.. at last.. my son is never introduced with bottle nor pacifier
• Finally, by six months of age, offer your child fluids from a cup and solid foods by spoon. In this way, exclusive milk feedings never become overly important to him.–> the solid part I did it.. but the milk, only when I’m working than he use his cup..

So based on that article, I think I will get problem with weaning Fabian..
I guess it would be nice if I know it before, so I could act better.. therefore I share it here…


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