The seven stages of motherhood

The first year with my cute little boy has been the most interesting time in my whole life. I had never felt so much emotion changes and physical challenges in such short period. Happy,frustrate,confuse,exciting, restless,angry,upset,love,and all the other feelings that a human being has mix into one. I found lots of personality changes in my life that I didn’t realized before.

Then, I read a book from my friend, “The seven stages of motherhood, making the most of your life as a Mum” by Ann Pleshette Murphy. My friend said that she chose this book for me because it will be applicable for the next seventeen years.Amazingly, I found this book describe exactly what I feel during my pregnancy and 1st year of motherhood. That’s makes me want to read all the content, with a hope that I will find a hint of what challenge that I will face in the next period and what is the tips/clues from other mother who has past that stage.

The writer herself has gone through all the stages she describe in the book and has lots of story about other new mum. It makes the book as a trustful and reliable source.

In this post, I will describe all the stages first and what the time frame are. I myself will read it slowly and accordingly with my son development. In next post, I’ll write all the interesting things I found there.
Stage 1
Altered states
Pregnancy, The birth and the Fourth Trimester

Finding Your Footing, Finding Yourself
Months Four through twelve

Letting Go
The toddlers years, 1-2 years

Trying to do it all
The Preschool Years, 3-6 Years

Reading the compass to God-knows-where
6-10 years

Living in the gray zone
The preteen years, 10-13 years

It gets easier….and then They leave
The teen years, 13-18 years

I’m so happy that there are such book that pay lots of attention on mothers feeling and emotion changes during those stages. At least, I found that I’m not alone in this world of motherhood, and it is normal to feel all the emotion I had now.


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