Tips for healing sore nipple

remembar my post about sore nipple?
Some tips I want to share based on my own experience.
First is that I found the breast shell helps my nipple to be protected from my bra. Therefore it’s reduce the chance of the infected area of nipple to be getting worst. However it takes lots of time to let it cured by it self.

Second I found that medela purelan quite efektif in curing my nipple sore. Plus it was made from ingredients that are safe to be eaten by baby. I don’t have to wipe it out before I nursed Fabian. That’s makes things simpler..

Third, I try to avoid the infected area not to be bite any more. I find a good position that makes my baby teeth are not touching the pain area. Therefore, pain during nursing time is much lower.

Last, somehow I believe that my thought was play important role. When I have positive mind, I believe that my nipple will getting better, It did.. perhaps it was caused my mind to be more relax and my baby can sense that and nursing peacefully (not have any attention to bite my nipple )

I hope this post will able to help breastfeeding mothers out there…


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