The meaning of life

Yesterday I’ve received a very bad bad news from my mom. We’ve been waiting for several days for my grand mother’s health diagnose, and the result is Cancer!!! The cancer itself has affected lung, pancreas, and back bone. I can’t imagine how much pain that she felt all this long..

She is 84 years old now and there are no good solutions for cancer at this age. Chemotherapy or operation will give greater risk for elder people. I just cant accept it! Is it true that there is nothing that I can do to cure her?

I used to see in the movie that people have to deal with their love one was diagnosed cancer and have to accept that they will loose their beloved one soon. I just cant believe that episode is coming to mine..  Now I think that life is more worthed. When we think about death, then we start to appreciate life more..

Stop thinking about all the bad and negative thought! I will start to make my life a better and a meaningfull one! Instead of complaining about all the things that I cannot have, or I cannot do or I cannot control, I will think about what I can do to make my life a great life to live.. 


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