the beauty of breastfeeding

This morning I felt this beautiful feeling in my heart. The unique feeling that only a breastfeeding mom has. Happiness, comfort, pure love, save, peace all in my mind when I saw my little boy laying in my arm and his eyes show a thousand words that describe his love for me. Breastfeeding time is the best time for a mom and his little baby. Lucky me, I can feel it for more than one and half years.

If I flashback a little back, before this breastfeeding session, I have a rush morning.. I think that is what I’ve gone through everyday since I have Fabian. I almost don’t remember when I was able to arrive on time at my office. Even I’ve woke up so early in the morning, there’s always lots things, unpredictable things happened. It almost drive me crazy that I can’t manage my time in the morning. Sometimes I angry, upset because I can’t go at the time I’ve planned because my little boy demand an extended breastfeeding session.

Despite all the time consuming, the pain of sore and all those sleepless night, I still love breastfeeding my son. I cant imagine that I have to let go of this beautiful routine. This is the only comfortable that he can get only from me. the bonding between me and my son growing stronger. Even I spent less time with him compared with my babysitter, I still can feel his love to me.

I always thanks God that has given me such ability to give the best food for my baby. now that he grows healthily and become a very active little toddler. I hope my breast milk can give you a good start of life, give you the best nutrition for your brain development, so you can become a successful person in the future.

I love you Fabian. I hope you feel my love in every drop of my milk that I gave…


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