Toddler feeding is harder than any exam I’ve gone through…why??

Fabian is 20 months old now.. It’s getting harder and harder for me and the babysitter to feed him. Especially when his babysitter is having a leave for Christmas holiday. I have no clue at all on how to persuade him to open his  mouth. I’ve tried all trick and tips I know, but he just simply not interested in eating. I’ve made different and variation of food, I’ve gave him the most interesting toys that he really like, I’ve tried to be nice, I’ve tried to be firm,… All methods are not working! I’m desperate now…

I have no idea this simple task was an excellent exercise to make mother more patient and consistent. I’ve read a lot about child brain and how to raise a child to become a smart boy. I just can’t believe, I miss this part..

If I compare with the hardest subject in my collage time, it was far more difficult and complex. I guess this is why a relationship of two or more people has always complex case. In exam, you just have to work hard, study hard.. you will achieve it.. but in this relationship context, you have to get the other party has the same perspective to be success. And believe me…that’s the hardest part!

You know why is it so hard? this is my contemplations result..

First, even though he just a little boy, he is an individual who has his own will and interest. A mother, like every other person, can’t force someone else to think or to do what we want him to do, unless the person is willing to do it or to hear and understand. Now the problem is.. we know that eating is very important for a toddler, for his development. But the child, himself doesn’t have the same perspective.  He might think it’s a boring activity and rather running, jumping around than sitting still in one place..

Second, he start to show the world that he is independent by now. If someone force him to do something, he will get angry and cried all out. He tried different responses and see what his mother reactions are. For me, Fabian will do an unstoppable cry and ask for breastfeeding for a reward. I can’t help it.. I just gave him what he wants because I don’t want him to get sick because of the cry..

third, a toddler is very smart. If he knows that his method to reject a food is working, he will remember it and do the same. I can’t help it. .I need to be more creative and make him think that eating is more fun than playing!

Fourth, as you know, healthy food is not as tasty as fast food. well even a child know that ..

Fifth, this task is not only a physical exercise, as you have to chase him during the feeding time, watch him from danger, but also a emotional exercise. Your patient is being tested to the limit or perhaps over the limit. can you imagine the food that you prepare carefully was made from a selected ingredient (that you can afford for yourself, but for your child you buy it) have to be ended up in the floor when your child pushed the plate away. The worst part is that if you angry or just sound angry, your child will start to cry.. a unstoppable cry..until you hug, sing for him and breastfeeding him.

I have not know how to make my child eat yet.. but all the reasons above make me more calm and aware that I am the adult one. I have to find a way and try not too emotional during this activity, I believe God will show me the way.. 


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