Creative versus logic for child education

Lately, I’ve been thinking about which education should I prepare for my little precious boy that has reach 20 months. Many resources says that the era has changed. Education has to change too.. A graduate from reputable university or school is no longer guarantee of a good position or a promising career.

Now, the key ingredient of success is “Creativity”. One thing missing in my education when I was developed. I remember that I thought that logic will rules everything. Smart means that if you can get the first position on the class chart, if you could master the math, calculus, physics, science and all the “logic” subject. I was always taught in directive method, the teacher gave all the concept, the solution, then I just understand it and apply it for similar problems. There is only one right solution for every problem, other answer was judge as a wrong answer.

These methods has killed my “creativity” ability. I can’t freely speak up my idea or comment because I was too afraid to make silly mistakes.

Now, if everybody was taught that way, non of us will able to invent anything. We just preserve what we have and not improve anything. I understand that creativity is needed for the next generation.

Ok.. so what’s the problem?

One thing crossed my mind, I might have problem raising my child in this new method. For examples, in the process of creativity building, we will find lots of things, that is illogical for us. If these illogical opinion was made by our child, I have to be strong enough to not interfere and judge that they make mistake.

One of books I read that in an IQ test, a child that think differently might have reason for his “wrong answers”. I just simply don’t get it.. how can I understand that illogical perspective was right..(I guess it’s because of my education background was successfully develop my logic).

So,.. it’s a dilemma for me, in one hand, I know that creativity is important, but in the other hand, logic is also important. I guess I have to learn along with my child. I have to learn how to raise a creative child but with the right amount of logic too.. I believe that communication is the key..

Tell me what do you as parents think..


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