The Brain Child – by Tony Buzan

I really recommend parents to read Tony Buzan book, “The Brain Child”. It’s not a new book, but I just found the reason why I get interested with this topic. What else..of course it’s because my precious son has almost reach his first 2 years. I have no clue, what to do and what not to do for his education and development.

I found the book very easy to understand and resourceful for parents who wants the best for their child’s brain development. I decided to buy the book, even though I’ve finished read it from the library. Just for future reference.

Firstly, it describe how the brain works. I was convinced that brain has a very unlimited capability and very unique. I always think that a person will only have 1 side of brain as a dominant one, so we have to choose whether be a fully logical person or a very artistic person. But I was wrong. Someone can be very brilliant if he/she develop his/her both side of brain.

It’s the same with left or right handed. It shouldn’t be only one hand that master everything. The best is both hand should be trained alternately, and perhaps the dominance only 60:40. And of course there is no better one, left handed or right handed.

Second, it describe how a child learn. The process was called TEFCAS. Trial, Event, Feedback, check, adjust and Success. Yes, all children are born to be success, but what make them really success or not is the way their parents educate and nurture them. Trial mean ” try all”. I fully understand this statement, as my child continually explore his world and try to pull everything. Then, the trial will make an event. After that, the universe will give feedback to the child. he/she will analyze it and finally adjust his trial to reach his objective. And finally, he will be success. This whole process make my child behavior more make sense for me, and I understand how to react.

Third one, it convince me that every child is unique. Both physical (comes from DNA) and mental (experience, environment, way of nurture) factor have made even a twin or brother/sister completely different. Therefore, as a parent, I should not compare my child ability with other child. Rather than make him feel down by point out his weakness, it’s better to encourage him to develop his skill in area that he like most. The most important is always have faith on your child capability! He is a genius!

Fourth, what food your child brain need are ONLI..Oxygen,  nutrition, love and information. If you’re thinking that nutrition is enough.. then you’re wrong. Cause it’s only 1 element out of 4. The first one, oxygen, can be obtain if the child physically healthy and love to exercise. Love is something that God has delegated for parents to give to their children. Without love, our brain won’t develop maximum. The last one is information.. I’ve never realize this one..

There are lots of other important info there.. but you have to read it yourselves 🙂


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