A whole new mind — by Daniel H Pink

I just finished a book sharing session with my colleague for this very interesting book. I’m amazed how he could open my eyes about the “logic VS creative”  thing that has hanging in my head lately and gave me a very great answer. 

Whole new mind means Left-side brained mind with 6 basic sense of Right-side brained mind. Why does right brain concept raise all the sudden? the answer is 3A, Abundance, Asia and Automation. The world has full of efficient, logic people. Product quality is only a entry ticket to the market, then a great design will make a differentials. Furthermore, logic and analytical tasks are easily transferred to India, Singapore, and other Asia where the cost of resource are cheaper. The last is that machine will definitely defeat human in analytical capability. All end up with the raise of “a whole mind” concept.

There are 6 senses that need to be developed:

  1. Design — = function + meaning . “All the things around you is the result of design”
  2. Story — present the fact with emotion, not only data and information, but also Story. The ability to sell, communicate and understand yourself is needed to make a touching story
  3. Symphony — see the pattern, relation. Not only focus and specialist but also combine many things (symphony). Synthesis – to see the big picture, out of the box, combine completely different things to be one unity
  4. Empathy — the ability to feel what other people feel. Logic is not enough
  5. Ability to understand what makes other people happy, to build relationship, to care with the others

  6. Play — “the opposite of play is not working, but depression” , Balance of serious and play
  7. Meaning — Not only material but also the meaning of life
  8. Human main concern is not to be happy or avoid pain, but to find the meaning of life” , “People have enough to live, but nothing to live for; they have means but no meaning” — Viktor Frankl

You’ve got to read this book, it has a portfolio that shows you how to train your right side of your brain..


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