Early education — is it working?

I recently has received a question from a dad.. “…so, does the preschool show any improvement on your child ability?”

It took me a while before answered that question. I never thought to analyze the effectiveness of early education on my child. I spend my time worrying about endless separation anxiety. I thought that it’s an improvement that he could actually being able to be separated by his family or nanny. To be able to communicate with other with his limited language ability and to be independent.

But as I told the man, that I saw that as an improvement. He replies ” well, my daughter seem has no problem with separation. She tries holiday program, and never cry from the beginning of school and seems to enjoy the activity..”

Ooops.. I forgot.. that every child is different. What I thought will happen to every child, is actually not. A child is a unique human being. They has their own strength, weakness, interest and emotion control.

So.. how should we analyze whether preschool will do any good to our child? is it true that if we send them to school as early as possible, will make them a better learner?

I guess every parents will their own personal category.  but in my observation with my child, he shows a great improvement.. he is actually not a really socialized person. when he met someone new, he won’t get any close to that person and start to cry..(it’s good any way,.. so I don’t have to worry, about being kidnapped with a stranger 🙂

Preschool (it’s actually a toddler class) gives him a lot of practice to meet new person. The stimulus along with other stimulus (to understand about how time works, communicate, body movement, etc) will accelerate the child learning process.

Isn’t it can be done by parents at home?

Yes, exactly! but the nowadays, we are not a full time parent anymore. Most of the day time, we spend working or other activity outside. Our precious child at his/her golden year was left alone with babysitter. Even if we have the best babysitter (which is very rare), she will never give the enough stimulus for our child to develop to the fullest. They do not have enough knowledge to do that.

I’m not saying that every preschool and its teacher is a guarantee for a better stimulus. We have to choose the right preschool. There are many curriculum developed for early age children, there are many type of teacher. That’s our responsibility to choose which method that suit for our child and choose school that has great teacher with lots of love and passion in education.

Some people think that every child deserve their right for free play, he/she is not old enough to be constraint with school rules.. he/she can’t be a happy kid.

From the reading I’ve done,  I found that children actually loved a daily routine. If you found your child screaming, refuse to eat or take a shower, it’s probably he has not expected that activity before. It’s gonna be different if your family has a daily routine, where children know what to do next. They will be happy to do it.

Preschool has that routine. They even tell the children what to do next every times. So, it’s not right that school rules will make them unhappy, it’s the opposite true. They become more confident and become a disciplined child. I’m not saying that it will happen instantly, but it depends on the child himself. Some might happen all the sudden, some make take months.

So, is early education really work?  write your own opinion here..


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