What do God want you to do as a parent?

As a parent, have you asked that question to you self? What exactly God want you to do to your child? Should you love them unconditionally so they could have the best life of them? Enjoy their young ages, play, have fun? Should you be a firm parents that have strict rules and develop them to be a “ready to face the world adult”? Prepare them with lots of skill that you’ve proof to be the best weapon to get success and happy life later on.

I’ve tried to seek the answer for that question since my oldest son born. I observed, read books, googling, attended seminar, questioned to teacher for 6 years now. None of them have the same voice.

Some of them tell me that young age is the golden period, where a child is learning at the best pace in their live. They back up the theory with scientific proof, where brain can make synapses quickly at young and getting slower as the age increased. the That if you miss that period, than you could never get the best result anymore. While other one said that children job is to play. Play is their best way of learning and parents should give them love that will give them confidence to face the world.

One book say that parents should know lots of technical to communicate with children, to build positive discipline, to observe their children and act accordingly to their needs. Other book says that parents can’t control everything in child life. Children that was a “bad boy” turn out to be the richest guy in the world, or the genius man in his later life.

So, what should I do? I just realized that a parent job is to make sure your child find out what their passion is. The “thing” that your child was made for. “Thing” that she love the most in her life that she could do it forever without even get bored. That when she develop in that area that she love the most, she will excel fast and learn eagerly and eventually feel that her life is useful.

So, give your child exposure to world. Not only things that you know, but everything in this world. When you found that, make sure she get the best education in that area as soon as possible. It needs 10000 to master anything, so the sooner the better.

That even give the answer to question “why some man was born smart, while other don’t?” I guess that “not smart man” has not find the area that he was born for. God create every human to have their on role in this world. One reason that fulfill his heart, but God also give freedom to choose.

I think that was the most important one that you should keep in mind.

While the other contrary skill that you should teach, I find that they are in different spectrum and you should teach them both. I will write about in next post..


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