Is God fair?

Some people are born smart, some are born rich, some are born with multitalent, but some are not. It seems that from the very beginning of life, their whole life has been determined. Rich or not, smart or not, success or not. It seems to be not fair! Why God did not give the same talent to each people, at least gave them the same start.

I used to think that those students, who did not get good mark at school, just did not tried and worked hard enough to earn their mark. But then I realized that not all of my friend can understand math, and science as easy as me. They need to be explainED several times before they get it.

So, I just the lucky one?

I have heard about multi intelligence since Fabian’s born, but never thought that was the answer of my question. I thought, ok, so some people have different talent. But that still not fair, what a music talent will do in school? It will not give good mark.

It turn out that the education system that raised us was the one that was not fair!

School only appreciated those children that have talent in math, language and science. Those who have public speaking talent are punished because they keep practicing their talent in class. Those who have art talent are being said as a rebel because they did not do the work as they are being told to.

Imagine if school are fair with all the intelligence. All children have the same opportunity to shine like a star. They will able to contribute in different kind of field that they are good at. Competition will get it true meaning because those who compete, are really the one that has passion and talent to that field.  They will do their best happily and effortless because they love to do it.

God really made a great design of life. Human is very unique and different so he can give his own contribution, that other man can not give. He want us to work together as a team to make a better world, because there are no one who can do everything himself.

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