Every child is special

I am wondering, is there any parent who trully saw his or parent as a special kid? No matter how many times I tried to change my perspective, I’m still with the majority, who concern about our child weaknesses. No matter how good a child in one thing, it is so attempting not to focus on it, and see all the “bad” that need to be fixed.

So many times I heard parents were talking about their child weaknesses. Why my child can not read as fluent as the other same age children. Why my child is so shy. Why my child is so talkactive and persuasive.

Is it really working that way?

Is there any “perfect” person who is good in every thing?

Yet, parents always try to make a perfect child. We, parent, want to make sure that we have teach them everything for their future. We don’t want them to fail, tell them everything we learned and believe that they will benefit from our lessons.

The thing is, the more you try to teach them, the less they learn. Learning is a constructive thing. It can only be undestood f it is come from them inside. Sometimes mistake is the only way understand can grow.

Maybe it is too hurt for me to see my boy fall into the fail that I know how to avoid. Rather than be a coach, who stand beside him when he need, I become a guardian angel who try to help him before something bad happen. Sometimes, a general who command him to do as I order him and give a punishment for any misbehaviour.

In the other extreme, there are parents who think their child is so “special” that it is ok to spoil them. To give everything they want, the best one. They bragging on how good their children in one field and refuse to see the weaknesses. Their children feel that they are born as a special person not because what they can do, but who they are.

Maybe those two perspectives should be used together. Our child is so unique that we should think a special way for them to learn by themselves. Perhaps, it is better for them to figure out what their weaknesses are. So that they have the reason why they should to improve it and had the motivation to try and try.

Our job is to create environment that support that learning process.

Huff what a hard task to do!

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