Cerita Perkembangan Fabian di usia 8 tahun 5 bulan

Wow, it has been several years since I write Fabian story. I guess becoming a full time mom makes me busy with never ending household activities. Well one thing for sure, I’ve never stop observing my children. Here is the story..

Today, Fabian is 27 kg in weight dan 130cm in height. Yes, he is a slim and tall boy now. He also has athletic body due to his “everyday” sport, especially futsal/soccer.  Currently, he had decided that his dream job is to be a soccer player. Hhhmmm it’s not one of promising career here in Indonesia, right??

He’s showing a quite good progress in his ability to control a ball with his feet, dribbling and shooting. Practice futsal is one of activities that he loves, that I don’t have to ask him to do it.  He is also a good runner (he achieved the 4th place in Jakarta Kid Dash competition in oct 2014). This skill surely supports his dream to be a striker/winger.

Fabian has completely lost his “baby and innocent look” and has develop a very mature logic and reasoning. This progress is certainly makes me hard to differentiate between his truth and lying.

Last year, around Sep 2014, I checked him to a neuro specialist dr Hardiono Pusponegoro (the owner of klinik anakku in Kelapa Gading). Not because I suspect him to have ADHD, but because his teacher consider Fabian as a too active boy, so he can not focus on one activities and tend to move his body part unconsciously. They thought maybe he is intolerant with sugar, that little sugar  might turn to be an excessive energy for him.

After queuing several months, we finally met dr Hardiono  and gladly he said that Fabian is not  having ADHD. He then arranged us to meet one of his colleague a psychologist dr Nuke to see how they can help me to make him more focus.  She met Fabian for several sessions while I stay outside. At the end,  she concluded that Fabian is a very smart boy who might feel bored and show it through his movement.

Fiuh.. what a relief.. I didn’t how happy I were to hear that news. Anyway, she mention that Fabian has a quite high IQ (140) but especially in verbal (not on “doing” or writing). No wonder, I have to think hard when I talk to him. He always has a good question and able to understand things quickly. dr Nuke also said that his excessive movement might be an effort to gain my attention. She encourage me to comment more on his “good” action rather than “bad” ones. Although it is hard to be done, but somefor how it seems to work.

Well that’s all I can tell for now.. got to go..

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