The flaw of knowledge and meaning of life

As the world advancing toward better and faster technology, human kind is getting more and more knowledge and understanding. The smarter we are, the less effort we are given to do any task. Our knowledge made us to focus on what is matter and made the same effort to produce results that are not only better in quality but also in quantity.

In the era when transportation vehicles/tools had not been invented, the only way for human to move from one place to another is to walk or running. That means we have to use our own strength and it is limited to certain distance. Human with their superior brain can figure out to trade their limited energy with animal energy, then we can use the energy for something else that will bring more result.

As one solution was created by human, it create more problems in other area to be solved and think about. When horses became the ultimate transportation tool, human are not satisfy with one horse for one man, then they create carriage, and so on.

Now, we are in the era where transportation tools are so advanced that we human have to run on a spinning machine and allocated dedicated time for exercise to make sure our body stay healthy.

Technology brings up opportunities that was not possible to do before, but it also create other problems. The solution that was created is limited to answer specific problem, while it change the holistic routine before. By walking and running, world trade is not possible, but with transportation vehicle, we reduce our exercise, create pollution that damage the earth, and so on..

The more we know, the more we are demanded to make better choices. Today, we are given more and more information and knowledge that made us overwhelmed to even to think that we are actually had made a choice for what we did. When you do your autopilot routine, you are already made hundred of choices. During the sleep time, we had decided how much time spent to sleep, to use AC or not, pillow or not, etc. When we do not know, we are not making any choices, but when we know, we are made the choices and knew the consequences unconsciously.

If I bring this thought to my children education, I just realized what is more important for them. Today, human have so many knowledge and information, that we are so hard to teach them all to our children and the next generation afterward. Knowledge become so abundant and free as it is a click away with the right keyword and skill to find the right information. Even in sport, human keep breaking the limit, as though the human strength are developing endlessly. If you compare 1990’s athlete with 2000’s ones, the older capability will look ridiculous.

Athletes are develop as early age as possible that make them get the 10,000 hours experience younger and then develop more and more astonishing new records. Most success people are so specialized that they will need to give up from learning other “unrelated” knowledge or skill due the restricted number of time every human has.

The children nowadays have to learn a lot of knowledge that was not invented yet when I was not born. Some of the knowledge I learned are become obsolete and are replaced with other more advance and make sense. So is it important now to make sure our children to be excel in math, science or any other subject that is maybe relevant only in our time of stay on earth? What is it that we should teach them in their limited time of golden age?

The more I think about it, the more I understand that God has made the universe so perfectly that no human brain and capability can understand them all. We are never run out of knowledge to be invented by the following generation. The more we know, the more problems arise that we have to solve. With time as a limit, do they all matter?

People getting richer and richer, yet do they find happiness in their riches? Success and power that human have will be terminated at the end of their life. Why do we spend our precious time for something that we will loose for sure?

The pattern in life shows that we are back and forth from complexity to simplicity. When we learn about new technology, we are getting deeper in complexity until one point we reach the ultimate of it then we can make the perfect simple one from it.

The nature look so simple, yet it cover the whole complexity inside it.

As I getting older, I become more and more understand that success and failure are the same important for my life. Happiness and sadness are complete each other. They are all created perfectly by God, as we human only understand so little then tried to avoid the sadness and failures. Accepting all that happen in my life bring peace inside, make me move toward what life is calling me for.

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