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Tips for healing sore nipple

remembar my post about sore nipple?
Some tips I want to share based on my own experience.
First is that I found the breast shell helps my nipple to be protected from my bra. Therefore it’s reduce the chance of the infected area of nipple to be getting worst. However it takes lots of time to let it cured by it self.
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Sore nipple the worst part of breasfeeding

Today, I cry over my sore nipple
This is not the first time that I experience this pain. The pain caused by a little wound at my nipple. The worst one took about 3 weeks to get cured. Every single nursing and expressing milk session, turn out to be a “pain” session. It’s 5 to 8 times a day!!

Fabian is 11 months old now, he has 6 teeth. Even though i’ve made him understand that biting nipple is gonna hurt me and make me cry, sometimes his teeth accidentally cut my nipple when he fell asleep.

Sore nipple is one thing that every breastfeeding mother must deal with. I look for information on how to treat a sore/cracked nipple, here what I adopted:

First, I’m not using any cream/lotion/medicine. I used the expressed milk, applied it to infected area. Many mothers believe that expressed milk contain Vitamin E and will help healing sore nipple faster. To be honest, it’s not fast recovery! I’m considering to buy Medela PureLan.. I’ll tell how it works after I try it.

Second, I use breast shells. I found it hurt when my breast pad touched my sore nipple, so using shell may isolate the nipple from any unnecessary scratch.

Any other suggestion?
I desperately need it now..